English Theatre

December 2nd, 2010:

Vienna's English Theatre
presented in Bad Radkersburg:


by Sean Aita


Rob and the Hoodies

A report by Anja Kostenz ( 12)

On December 2nd 2010 we went to see the Vienna’s English Theatre at the Hauptschule in Bad Radkersburg. At first we all were very nervous, because we didn’t know what was ahead of us.
When it started we all laughed, because the characters were very funny. There were only four people who played nine characters. They let us play with them and asked us to act one scene in their play. In the play there was a street gang called ‘The Hoodies’. There was also a normal school boy, Rob Loxby, who wrote scenes for a school play. His best friends were Marianne, Will and John. The play was called ‘Robin Hood’ and when his friends came to the audition, they all wanted to be Robin Hood, but of course Robin wanted to act it himself. So each of them got another character. One day Marianne wanted to write a new script and in this script they all wanted to be heroes. But in the end they all took Rob’s play. Another problem of Rob was The Hoodies. They were a bad street gang with a horrible leader, KJ. The Hoodies stole things from other people and they wanted 50 pounds from Rob. This is a lot of money for a school boy. So John won the 50 pounds at a darts contest and gave them to his friends first, but Marianne knew about the plan of the Hoodies and took the money. She sent a message to KJ that said that she wanted to meet him at the bus station. When KJ arrived, the friends stuck together and so they beat KJ.
Do you know that Robin Hood stole money from the rich people and gave it to the poor people?
Rob knew this, but the words he said, were very interesting: “We wanted to tell the story of Robin Hood. How he stole from the rich, and how that was good. But stealing is stealing and it’s just not cool At least that’s what they tell us when we go to school.”
I think Rob said it right. We can’t steal from other people. Do we want that other people steal from us? No, and you?

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